Berlin City Museum

This project was completed while studying under Professor Micheal Desmond. The Berlin City Museum will provide education and entertainment for the citizens of Berlin and visitors to Berlin. It will try to capture Berlin’s history and current conditions. The site currently contains a remnant of the Berlin Wall constructed by the Communists in the 1960s and then torn down in 1989. I used this remnant as a tool with which to view Berlin through. The entrance leads visitors into a large rotunda space that contains the wall. From the entrance lobby the wall looks like an opposing wall. But when the visitor gets closer he will see that the wall is actually broken and he will walk through it to get to the exhibition space. The wall appears to have power over the individual at a distance but the power diminishes as one gets closer. This represents the power that the wall and the Leaders of East Berlin had over its people and the actual power a concrete wall has when it is divided: none.

View from the Lobby

View into the cafe


CityofBerlinPresentation PDF


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