In November of 2011, I attended the Heathdesign Conference in Nashville, Tn. This was a great experience for me to learn more about this field. Attending lectures on various topics of discussion in this field was enormously helpful to me in expanding my knowledge and experience with Healthcare Architecture. I learned a tremendous amount at this conference about the industry and the specific sector of Healthcare. It was amazing to see how involved the medical staff, interior designers, engineers, and of course architects are with each other in the design of their hospitals. It is great to see that this conference is bringing all these different fields together for the purpose of bettering the design of Healthcare buildings and industries. I am excited to be a future part of this business.


Portfolio August 2011





Baton Rouge House Types

This booklet was produced while working in an independent study with a group under Professor Michael Desmond while at LSU in my fourth year. We surveyed and documented houses in Baton Rouge to determine the major house types. The booklet contains sketches, floor plans, examples, locations in town and a history of each house type. It was produced using Adobe InDesign and self-published through

Baton Rouge House Types